Kokoro madowasu Color FLOWER POWER [6th Single in Japan] SNSD – Beep Beep; SNSD – Flower Power; GALAXY SUPERNOVA [8th Single in Japan] SNSD – Do The Catwalk; SNSD – Galaxy Supernova; Gee [1st Mini Album] SNSD – Dear Mom; SNSD – Destiny; SNSD – Gee (Korean Version) SNSD – Lets Talk About Love; SNSD – Way To Go; Gee [2nd Single in Japan] SNSD – Gee (Japan Version) Snsd Girls Generation Flower Power Broadway Shows Neon Signs Tours Japan Album Okinawa Japan. 眩しくライト照らし出す, 誰もが Butterfly ぶった Spider (Yeah oh) [All]Flower[Seohyun]ayashiku saita ([Sunny]ooh), [Taeyeon]Kamen wo shite jibun keshite *O* Though, I think the romanization has a lot of mistakes…^^" I haven't studied japanese but I've listened to jpop for over 5 years now so I think I'm not completely lost with the language, so I made a new romanization based on what I heard and the translation I found. Flower (Ooh) [Jess/Yu] ayashiku saita, oto ni yotte yurarete itai [Jess/Sun/Tiff] Do you wanna be my lover? Bài hát flower power - snsd do ca sĩ Snsd thuộc thể loại . i hope we get along from now on. An ephemeral night is unreliable snsd, liriklagusnsd. I’m telling you adabana I’m very busy right now, but I will try to get it done at least tomorrow. Yoona Snsd Im Yoon Ah Korean Music Krystal Girls Generation My Girl Idol Goth. 10-mar-2014 - SNSD DaL descrubrió este Pin. Snsd Yoona Kpop Girl Groups Kpop Girls Kim Tae Yeon … 1. Flower musuu no awa ga kakeagaru [Soo] I’m not gonna. [Taeyeon] Me ni mienai hane nobashi te kiss, [All] Flower [Yoona]Hakanaku koi ga ([Sunny]ooh) I have to say that there is a lot of lypsincing indeed, but yup leave it like this for now. ♥FLOWER POWER♥ added by Gretulee. 259 Likes, 2 Comments - 少女時代 (@snsdofficialfanbase) on Instagram: “SNSD - Flower Power” Musuu no awa ga kage ya gaaru Because even if it isn’t Tiffany’s part, we can all se her singing all with Jessica, plus, she and Jessica are together in the coreography. Do you wanna be my lover, Toki yakete, kirameita glass wo Watch this BEAST, SNSD, Super Junior video, snsd flower power, on Fanpop and browse other BEAST, SNSD, Super Junior videos. Musuu no awa ga kage ya gaaru [Seohyun]Hontou no jibun ga dance yami wo Do you wanna be my lover? Do you wanna be my lover? it works the same for this song. Snsd flower power. The music video gained more than 5 million views in 6 days. [Sunny] Atte ni narenai sou shime dekinai Do you wanna be my lover? skaudakoja, djfreshlouder and 3 others like this. Snsd flower power. Flower, Listening to it more has me feeling this is correct (not too sure about the romanization), [Tiff] Hikari to yami no mayonaka weekend Butterfly butta Spider (yeah oh) 15/05/2017 08/12/2020 ~ KpopColourLyrics. 4:03. Romanisation (TIFF) hikari to yami no mayonaka Weekend dansu furoa Scream & Shout sekirara Human Nature (TAE) kawasu shisen wa me to me kake hiki no Border asobi de sakaseta koi wa adabana Flower (Ooh) [Yoon/Seo] hakanaku koi ga k the script says that, still doesnt mean anything, maybe its true its like that ok just leave it as it is but i agree with prettyangel92 when she said ‘the hell with the changes’ because its getting ridiculous if the lyrics keep changing. Latest; Explanations Cover Songs Liner Notes Live Videos Music Videos Interviews Lyric Videos News Videos The latest and greatest videos in all categories. If you’d like to buy, more info here.. Asobi de sagaseta koi wa adabana, [Hyo] Ah ah ah Amai koto bano wana Dance as your true self Dancing floor scream and shout sekirara human nature +. We offer Australia’s best range of quality homegrown plants, plus a huge range of gardening accessories, landscape supplies, homewares and furniture. the girls always lypsync each others parts. Don’t stop DJ このまま All night yuri. HowtoMakeUp Jessica SNSD Flower Power MV Inspired Makeup Makeup japanese,eye,face TRY Watch. [Jess] Ano ko ni mo smile hito nomi wo serve Spider pretending to be a butterfly (Yeah oh) [Sunny] Narihibiku beat mimi moto de cheers! Noodzakelijke Cookies & technologieën. mabushiku raito terashidasu, dare mo ga Butterfly butta Spider (Yeah oh) Honto no jibun can dance But I chose Hoot because it one of my favorite Korean title tracks from SNSD. damn, this cameramen is good. Why Don’t We & AB6IX – Fallin’ (Adrenaline) (AB6IX Remix), http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Gh6DPJTJKPc#, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgwpaGRblY8, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2QiIU8BO10, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=cTBRh1acsoE#t=343s, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJjvNgrDtN4, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-28kGJ-w8Sg. :3, Hikari to, yami no, Sooyoung Yoona Snsd Play Pokemon Catch Em All Girls Generation Flower Power Kdrama Pikachu. Amai kotoba no wana ([Sooyoung]oh flavor of flower) Could you see that in that documentary showing the script? Do you wanna be my lover, [Yuri] Tsukiagete kirameita glass wall Do you wanna be my lover? [Jes/Sun/Tif] Do you wanna be my lover? I mean we Soshi’s are very good at that. It seems in live and mv that she sing that too. Snsd flower power. Saved by natasya. It serves as the third single from their second Japanese studio album, Girls & Peace. watch the dance version, they’re the only members doing a different move. Snsd flower power. Flower (Ooh) [Jess/Yu] tokimeite ima You also smile at that girl, surf the waves of people More information... Pinterest. Do you know “adabana*”? Flower (Ooh) is blooming suspiciously Flower, [Yul]doddine taima This is the official cc script of Girl’s Generation. FSBolthof completely agree with you. Snsd. Flower (Ooh) [ジェ/ユ] 妖しく咲いた, 音に酔って 揺られていたい A sweet scent and flavor (Oh flavor of flower) View All. Hajikete wa, kiete yuku koi wo, [Jes/Sun/Tif] Do you wanna be my lover? Browse more videos. [Yoona] Hajikete wa kiete yuku koi wo Koi wa antabana, Narihikiku Beat, mimioto de Cheers, Countless bubbles rise up Butterfly butta Spider ([Yoon]yeah oh) hyoyeon. Butterfly butta Spider ([Hyo]yeah oh) Flower (Ooh) [ジェ/ユ] ときめいて今 Butterfly butta spider ([Hyoyeon]yeah oh) (Official Music Video) This is hard one since Flower Power and Hoot are both great tracks. Even she’s smiling, the people I serve, Do you wanna be my lover. Saved by natasya. SNSD Flower Power lyrics and Seohyun is also lipsyncing a lot of lines. ([Seo]Oh Color Flower) Flower [Seohyun] Ayashiku saita That’s when human nature comes out [Jess/Tiff] Do you wanna be my lover? SNSD – Flower Power Lyrics [Tiffany] Higari to yami no mayonaka weekend Dancing floor scream and shout sekida human nature [Taeyeon] Kawasu shisen wa me to me kakehiki no border Asobi te sakasueta koi wa andabana [Hyoyeon] Ah Ah Ah [Sooyoung] I’m not gonna [Taeyeon] Kawasu shisen wa me to me kakehiki no border +. In that link there is a documentary about SNSD. 13,032 Plays amai kotoba no wana (Oh flavor of flower) I want to forget everything from the days. Flower (Ooh) a fleeting love Credit: 폭풍간지권율@Sosiz Butterfly ぶった Spider (Yeah oh) [Seo] Ayashiku saita Flower, ayashiku saita, Kamen wo shite, jibun keshite Kokoro madowasu Color Wana ni kakata fremo wana tsukiagete kirameita Glass wo [Sooyoung] Mukitou na kansei no uzu wo is there any actual live performance where we see Yuri/Hyoyeon and Tiffany/Jessica/Sunny singing those lines? (Oh Flavor Flower) はじけては消えていく恋を This year (this month actually) marks the 5th anniversary of SNSDs best and most flawless original Japanese single. [Taeyeon]Kawasu suisen wo me to me keiki no border Musuu no awa ga kagea ga aru 2. i don’t think that’s Seohyun, i think it’s Taeyeon. but anyway, i just want to say sorry to FSBolthof, i hope you’re not mad at me. and i’m not really being biased this time, i’ve met tons of non sooyoungsters who also hear Sooyoung. ([Tiffany]Oh Flavor Flower) [Yuri] Tsukiagete kirameita glass wo Musuu no awa ga kakeagaru [Sooyoung] Mukidou na kansei no uzu wo Mabushiku raito terashidasu, [All] Daremo ga butterfly butta spider (Yeah ah) Amai kotoba no wana (Oh flavor of flower) Butterfly butta spider (Yeah ah) Wana ni kakatta furi mo wana (Oh color of flower), Flower [Yuri] tokimeite ima Flower [Jessica] ayashiku saita, [Sunny] Oto ni yotte yurareteitai [Tiffany] Don’t stop DJ kono mama all night [Hyoyeon] Wasuretaiwa hibi no zenbu [Taeyeon] Me ni mienai hane nobashite kiss, Flower [Yoona] hakanaku koi ga Flower [Seohyun] ayashiku saita Flower [Yuri] tokimeite ima Flower [Jessica] ayashiku saita Flower. seohyun. Be beauty. The vanishing love which it is lit upon Flower. @^[192279834262715] hapus tanda ^ di coba yuk di coba!!! [Jess/Tiff] Do you wanna be my lover? Do you wanna be my lover? [Jes/Tif] Do you wanna be my lover? For yeah ah, I believe both are Hyoyeon’s. [Jess/Tiff] Do you wanna be my lover? Do you wanna be my lover. (Oh Flavor Flower) SNSD**Flower Power**. I just want to say that in a lot of videos, specially in the japanese ones the focus on one of them when she doesn’t sing, like in the paparazzi video, when they focus on Sooyoung when clearly is Tiffany singing with the girls generation, I guess there is no point to argue anymore, because when the live is out every doubt will be dispel, but I just wanted to make a point. Do you wanna be my lover? Omar Toy. Flower, [Seo] ai sheteku saita, second chorus: [Sunny] Atte ni narenai (???) I want to forget all the days [Jes/Sun/Tif] Do you wanna be my lover? 少女時代 flower power rar (16) FLOWER POWER RAR (15) SNSD Flower Power ts (1) [Single] 少女時代 (Shoujo Jidai/GIRLS’ GENERATION) – FLOWER POWER [2012.11.21] November 14, 2012, 4:37 am hajikete wa kiete iku koi wo 1. Amai kaori to flavor (Tiff: oh flavor flower)