The Quilt Ladies Quilt Pattern Etsy Shop HERE for YOU, View Beth Ann Strub Art Collection Galleries, This post may contain affiliate links. Most of you have probably made a self-binding blanket before, but we still wanted to post a tutorial because it seems like every time we need to make one of these blankets, we have to refer to our pattern! I just followed the instructions and it worked. I like to start attaching the binding about 3/4 of the way down the long side. Cheryl Fall is the author of 12 how-to books, has designed more than 2,500 projects for publication, and is the host of The Creative Life with Cheryl Fall on PBS. So I only use this on small things. They are so pretty, and I love the idea of self binding. Holding the diagonal fold in place, fold the binding back down along the quilt edge. In traditional quilting, the binding is made from a separate strip of fabric that is sewn onto the quilt. I love these. on a table runner. If I am understanding the instructions correctly, there will be no quilting done on the backing? – Pressing The Seam. To miter the corners of the binding, trim the excess batting across the corner and fold in … Make sure these are VERY accurate, it will affect your finished results! In this tutorial, I made a twin-sized quilt, so I cut … Pin well along all sides of the quilt. Beth Ann…Who just needs to MAKE IT, FIX IT, SAY IT. Using your back fabric to be your quilting binding to finish off your quilt top.No binding necessary.. Fast easy and time saving techniques. Quilt binding can be sewn to the quilt in several ways, and one method uses continuous double-fold strips of fabric, which are long fabric strips folded in half to create a double layer before sewing. Self-binding is binding a quilt with the quilt backing. Be very careful not to cut through the backing fabric. Use a ruler and rotary cutter or scissors to trim the edges so that all three layers are even all the way around the quilt. Sewing binding around a quilt's … This makes it so the binding isn’t … Fold binding up, making a straight line with the quilt edge. I like doing 2 rows of stitching, just my personal like. Click Here for Quilt Project Project Type Learn a Technique Binding is … Jul 2, 2019 - Self-Binding Quilt Tutorial Self Binding means: Bring the quilt backing to the front and using it as your binding, I am bring this over from The Quilt Ladies, this post is used and asked for all the time, Thank you for that. After my daughter graduated from High School, I sorted through her old t-shirts hoping to make a t-shirt quilt as a graduation gift. Check out […] How to do Self Binding on a Quilt tutorial. This quilt binding tutorial will teach you how to finish a quilt by folding over excess backing to the front of the quilt as binding. I hate doing the binding but you made it so simple. And then make and sew the binding on ! Just a few days ago I received this comment on my original post: … Continue reading "Self-bind… The fabric is folded in half before attaching to the quilt so when you fold it over the raw edge of the quilt, it also encapsulates the raw edge of the binding. I always use single or double binding. Usually I have many pucker but today with your method had two small ones. Fold the first corner of the binding over to form an angle. Binding the edges of the quilt should be the last step in making the quilt, after you've finished quilting by machine or by hand. This binding is best only for small projects because it’s a straightedge binding and therefore doesn’t have the flexibility of a bias binding. It’s hard to square up the quilt and keep the edges nice and straight. The video tutorial makes it easy, fast and fun to make. After reading the tutorial 3 times I committed to try the technique. I will receive a few cents if you click to their site and purchase, How to Tie a Quilt with Yarn This quilt post just keeps going and going.…, The Quilt Ladies ONLY on Kindle and NOOK The Quilt Ladies Quilt Pattern Etsy Shop HERE for YOU…, My Quilt Basket Beauty Quilt Pattern, NOW at my, Quilt Ladies Quilt Pattern Shop  …, I loved your instructions. The TOP of the quilt and the batting needs to be trimmed to … Keep in mind that whatever you use as your backing fabric will be visible on the front of the quilt, so choose the backing accordingly. I talked about the piecing of these quilts in THIS POST. Just a few days ago I received this comment on my original post: … Continue reading "Self-bind… Today’s self-binding sweatshirt blanket tutorial will show you how. Or did I miss something? This is the only way that this type... 2) After quilting you need to trim those edges. To create a self-binding, fold the 1″ margin of Minky and batting by about 3/8″ towards the quilt top. It worked perfectly. Bits of Everything is amazing! Loved the tutorial. The binding, I would remove and find some fabric that matches, then wash it… and then wash it again and again. Laura When binding a quilt with minky, you will want to have a thicker binding than you would with a cotton binding because of the extra bulk. Now there are a couple of reasons I don’t love this method: 1. ). Give it a try, Beth Ann ! Take the outer corner of the binding where … When you … Learn how to self bind a quilt using coordinating quilt backing that eliminates the need to purchase or cut binding. Colour block quilt | Wit Konijn September 16th, 2013 . Follow these steps to make your project self-binding: After quilting your project, trim excess batting from the edges of the quilt so that it doesn’t extend beyond the edges of the quilt top. This will ensure that you have nice finished binding on your self binding blanket. Stitch the self-binding in place on the quilt front by machine or by hand using the blind-stitch. The backing is traditionally a solid piece of fabric and can be plain, colored or patterned to coordinate with the top. After you finish making a quilt, the finishing touch is the quilt binding.This is the fabric that wraps around the outer edges of a quilt. Your email address will not be published. Will try it next time. Self-binding (sometimes called Edge-turned Binding) This type of binding protects the quilt's edges with just a single layer of fabric. For this quilt binding method we will attach the binding to the back of the quilt first. Thanks for showing self binding tutorial. Attach binding to back of quilt. Remove quilt from under the presser foot and trim threads. Don’t press this fold or you may flatten the batting at the edges of your quilt. Now I'm going to discuss how I finished these quilts. When I had completed the quilting, I started pondering how to bind the quilt. Lay the quilt out flat with the back facing up. Pin all around the edges, but remember to leave an open section to turn the work right side out after sewing. You have to plan so your backing fabric will also look great as your binding fabric. I met a Boy and We Married 39 years ago ! Lay out your quilt and trim the batting to fit the top of the quilt. Mar 26, 2020 - Self-Binding Quilt Tutorial Self Binding means: Bring the quilt backing to the front and using it as your binding, I am bring this over from The Quilt Ladies, this post is used and asked for all the time, Thank you for that. Lay the backing fabric on your work surface, right side down, then center the batting on top of the … Thank you I will not be afraid of completing a quilt. Iron (optional) Self-binding is one of the ways to finish a quilt. Prepare the Quilt for Binding Janet Wickell / The Spruce This method stops so much waste of material. Use complimentary fabrics to give the blanket a nice look. - A girl and a glue gun October 16, 2015 at 5:20 pm […] amazing posts today! Self Binding Quilt Tutorial 1) Before quilting you need to make sure that your back is LARGER than your front!! Diary of a quilter has a great tutorial for a self binding baby blanket! Then fold again so that the Minky overlaps the quilt top by about 3/8″. To start self binding, you’ll need an iron. Now if I can machine quilt without puckers that will be my new challenge. (click the heart to find out more about Luke’s loves!) Fold the backing fabric toward the front of the quilt just slightly less than 1/2 inch, and press, keeping the iron away from the batting (see the following figure). As mentioned above I like to use the backing fabric for the binding, it’s a bit of a cheat and the finish isn’t as clean as using proper binding, but at this point I usually just want to get it done quickly (in this case the baby was already two weeks old, so the gift was long overdue! Fold the backing to the edge of the quilt, 1/2″, I like to press it down. These will be great for pot holders and table runners and place mats. Trim the backing fabric so that the amount that extends beyond the edge of the quilt top measures two times the desired width of the binding. I just followed the instructions and it worked on a table runner. Thank you so much, one idea I would suggest is to pin more than you ever would, puckers are from your fabric moving, and with binding there are lots of layer than can move. You can use cuddle fabric or fleece to sew this blanket. So, it'll be nice to have these step by step pictures to help us out. If you want to make your project self-binding, be sure to. Attach your backing. Framing Your Quilt with a Beautiful Border, Quilting Basics: Choosing Cotton to Match Your Style. Your email address will not be published. Make sure that your edges match and that your diagonal fold didn’t move at all. Here is my tutorial, I will post it on the new site too ! It’s double thickness is warm and comfortable. Quilt binding is the fabric that's used to cover the outer edges of the quilt sandwich — the quilt top, batting, and backing — after the quilt is quilted. A quilt is like a sandwich, with a top layer of fabric, a middle layer of batting, and a bottom layer of fabric, all joined together by your stitches. The filling of the sandwich is the batting of polyester fiberfill or other batting material. Line up the raw edge of the binding to the raw edge of the quilt. A Quilt blog- Quilting Basics, blocks, quilt alongs plus easy sewing projects and free patterns for beginners. Self Binding means: Bring the quilt backing to the front and using it as your binding, I am bring this over from The Quilt Ladies, this post is used and asked for all the time, Thank you for that. Place the top and backing right sides together. The piece shown is a machine quilted, but yes always quilted. Start sewing 8-10 inches from the end of the binding. The extra layer adds durability to a quilt's edges. 2. Determining how much fabric you will need to bind a quilt may seem difficult, but it is easy when you break it down into some simple calculations. Self-binding is a quick and easy way to bind small quilting projects. Also known as fold-over binding, a self-binding is made from excess backing fabric that’s trimmed to size and folded to the front side of the quilt to enclose the raw edges. Binding a quilt means covering the raw edges of the quilt sandwich to give the quilt a finished look and protect its edges from wear. Mitered Self-Binding with Fleece I finished my quilts for a friend. I plan to use it. This self binding blanket tutorial is fast and easy to make!. Required fields are marked *, Twelve Quilt Stories and Fifteen Quilt Patterns ONLY $9.99, COMPLETE QUILT INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALL 15 QUILT PATTERNS, No money talk, this is all ideas to make your 20-30 years of retirement what you want and need it to be for years of joy.ONLY $2.99, HOW to SURVIVE RETIREMENT – Now in Print and an eBook, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window). It’s fine to use on place mats and wall hangings, but don’t use it on anything larger than a baby quilt. Sweatshirt blankets like these make great Graduation Gifts! We’re going to finish the Tiny quilt with … sewing Becky 6 years ago December 28, 2020 Self Binding Napkin Tutorial After quilting your project, trim excess batting from the edges of the quilt so that it … Fold the backing fabric over again 1/2 inch toward the front of the quilt, covering up the raw edge. Cut your backing fabric at least 3 inches larger than your project on all four sides. Imam trying to repair a quilt my mother made me for my wedding 48 years ago the bindings were torn by so much use as well as some of her beautiful star patches, I have separated the binding am not sure how to replace some triangle patches of her lone star quilt can you advise me I am a beginner have been watching a lot of videos decided I would start with this beautiful quilt that needs some fixing so I can hand it down to my daughter she adored her grandmother, I don’t remove the old piecing, I applique on top. Fold your minky to the wrong side of the fabric ½” and pin. This method stops so much waste of material. I like using self-binding for small quilts and wall hangings. Today's method is a self-flanged binding where everything is sewn as one piece. Today we have a fun tutorial to share with you! Binding keeps the edges intact and can add another element to the quilt's design. Now for the final step: binding your quilt. ps I am still a beginner (as if you couldn’t tell). For example, if you want a 1/2-inch binding, trim the backing fabric to 1 inch (1/2 inch x 2 = 1) beyond the edges of the quilt top. Basically, all that you’re going to do is … self binding blanket and a big block quilt! I have a link party called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Blog Hop and would love to have you share this and any other posts with everyone. After reading the tutorial 3 times I committed to try the technique. 1:. Fold your corner right sides together and sew at a ½” seam allowance. Start off by cutting your binding fabric into strips. It worked perfectly. A self-binding uses backing fabric to finish raw edges. It is perfect for a little pop of color to frame your quilt, table runner or placemats… anything that needs a little extra something :) Just think how cute a gold shimmer flange would be peeking out of the binding on your holiday table decor this year!